Easyrider Private Day Trips

Easyrider Private Day Trips
Easyrider Private Day Trips


“amazing way to see the real vietnam”
Reviewed 19 January 2012
This was a great part of our trip through vietnam, got to see heaps that we wouldn’t have even thought of. We did a four day tour from Hoi Anh through the central Highlands. Swimming in waterfalls, hot springs, and amazing scenery were great; the best for me were the minority villages and the insight into their culture. The guides were great, Truong is a very safe and experienced rider, he knows his bike very well. They know all the cities and the local foods so you can try something different along the way. Truong and Hai also took great care of me when I got a bit sick on the trip, local remedies for local ailments worked a treat and also were a lot of fun to experience. They also catered very much to any requests we had, including helping with making purchases and getting food. Highly recommend you get in touch with Truong, he takes a lot of pride in his work.

Visited January 2012 Ben.B

2011/11/09 Hi, We did a 3 day tour with easy riders from Hoi An to Hue, firstly stopping at the marble mountains and then going inland into the mountains and along the Ho Chi Minh road and onto the DMZ and then back along the coast to Hue. It was fantastic! We got to see the real Vietnam, meaning plenty of small villages and different ethnic groups along with explanations of local customs and great food, plus managed to get some great photos. Can check out our blog here to see them:

It was a great trip and one of the highlights for us in Vietnam. We would recommend them every time (unless you don’t like motorbikes – but even then you should really consider it)! Thanks Easy Riders! joshand Leona
josh and leona@gmail.com

Scott & Marc come from UnitedStates (20/10/2011)

Better late than never!!! We had a great voyage with Mr.Trong and Tien in october ! six days from Hoi an  to Nha trang. Scotts favorite part was getting stung by a wasp in the testicles and Mr Trong assuring me it helps a mans verility. Marcs favorite part was the great educational experience about the war. We both really enjoyed the dip in the fresh  jungle fed river near a huge waterfall. Mr.Trong and Tien were very nice men, extremely proffesional and you must request them for your voyage. Very safe drivers and just great guys. Scott still has the smell of the wonderful coffee beans in his nose. We miss you guys, lots of love from USA. Hope all is with you guys!!!

Chris Conner from Canada 14/8/2011

 First things first: TRONG is not trying to scam you or take your money, you are safe with him. My name is Chris and I’m a 25 year old civil engineer from Canada. I just finished the central highlands via the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Both were Amazing. You will get the following if you decide to use TRONG: SAFETY – His bike is in good shape and in 4 days i never once felt in danger. SERVICE – TRONG cleaned my silverwear, buckled my helmut and stopped where ever I wanted. FOOD – TRONG knows amazing local restaurants at dirt cheap prices, he picked my food for me for 3 days and I did not have a bad meal or spend more than 35,000 dong. THE REAL VIETNAM  Doing the 4 days trip from Hoi An was one of my best travel experiences to date. The country is beautiful and the best way to see it is from a motorcycle. The wind in your face and the ability to look around, Plus he will stip whenever you want for photos.The minority groups you will see are real. The don’t try to sell you anything, they just want to come and say hello. They are easily the friendliest people ,I have seen in my travels. If you don’t take the tour with TRONG you will not see the real Vietnam. For the price of a pair of nice pants you can have something you will never forget, Don’t worry about the money. Just do it!! Thank you so much TRONG.

october 6/2011

Vi havde en fantastisk endagstur med Trong og hans ven. Vi korte fra Da Nang til Monkey Island og videre til Haivan Passet. De smaa oplevelser som de giver under vejs er helt fantastiske. F.eks. tur paa en hunderesturent, fiskemarked og lokale specialietet ved vejsideboder. Hvis ikke vi var laast af en flybillet ville vi uden toven havet kort med dem paa en flerdagestur langs kysten. Emil Ravn Jakobsen ( ravnild@hotmail.com )

3 – 08- 11

Hoi An naar Hue, 2 dagen.Om  te beginnen in een woord een geweldige ervaring! Op pad met een bus of trein tour groep biedt je niet de ervaringen die je krijgt met Truong en zijn EasyRiders. Door de vele benaderingen (iedereen zegt natuurlijk een goede gids te zijn) twijfelden we eerst, maar Truong & zijn kameraad blijken eerlijke, laidback mannen te zijn, die zorgen dat je waar voor je geld krijgt.  Wat was er dan zo geweldig?

- Niet met de grote groep op pad zijn.

- Plekken zien waar je anders nooit komt.

- Even lekker weg uit de drukte van de steden.

- Geweldige natuur & cultuur onderweg. Vietnam zoals je het graag wilt zien.

- Goede gidsen die veilig rijden en alle ins & outs van Vietnam weten in het Engels.

- Gidsen die gezellig zijn & goed voor je zorgen. Je leest het in elke review; maar in dit geval is het waar. Doen! Niet twijfelen. Als je twijfelt, laat dit het laatste duwtje zijn om gewoon te gaan.

Veel plezier!En Truong & Trung: Thank you very very much for the great expercience! (and be carefull  to look out for snakes on the way  )

skilona@gmail.com        Groetjes,Ilona & Daan Eindhoven, Netherlands.

* I met Mr. Trong the day I got off the train in Danang. We talked over a warm beer with ice cubes and he told me about the Danang Easy Riders and what they offer. My girlfriend and I had heard of these guys but it wasn’t in our plan to take a trip with them.Without question it was the very best decision we made. We traveled over 1400 km’s over 9 days with Mr Trong and his friend Bao. These guys are legends. Trust them with your life they will take great care of you and everything you own. Make sure your up for some fun though because after a long days riding they like a drink and to tell some great stories.We honestly experienced so much more of Vietnam than we ever thought we could. I happily built this web site for free because these guys deserve all the publicity and support they can get. One last word………Just Do It, you won’t be sorry.

hallo zusammen, wir fuhren 4 tage mit trong ud tien durch die central highlands. heute einige tage spaeter blicke wir romantisch auf unseren trip zurueck. viele menschen, viel natur, viel geknatter und tolle einblicke in das leben in vietnam. mit trong kann man einfach ueberall hingehen, wenn er nicht an irgend einem tier haengenbleibt ( denn die liebt er), dann zeigt er einem alles was er weis, was er nicht weis erfragt und “dolmetched” er. wirklich schoen und zu empfehlen! mit sechzig dollar waren wir dabei, uebernachtung incl. essen extra! ein highlight unserer vietnamreise! gruesse an die easy riders und die, die es werden wollen. martin & jule

Jenny from Manchester, England

I have had a brilliant time. I didn’t know it until i met you but a trip in the mountains on your motorbike was just what I wanted to do. I have smiled the whole way, I would love to go further but unfortunatley I don’t have time. Trong is a great guide, he is knowledgeable and a safe rider. If you read this and are not sure take a day trip with him. I have seen and experienced things that I would not have if i hadn’t met Trong. This is a definate highlight of my holiday and will be the part i remember most. Thanks so much,


This is it! When you have seen all the buildings and monuments – gone though your travel guide and still long for something – than go on tour with Trong and his Easyrider friends and find it! Real life, pure Nature. Enjoy Vietnam with them. I had read about the easyriders and was interested – but not quite sure if we wanted to do a tour (driving motocycles ourselves we hesitated too about the idea of sitting on the back seat…) but then we happened to meet Trong in Hoi An and in an hour we knew that it was worth cancelling flights and hotels and go on tour with Trong and his friend Tien. We were happy about this decision every minute and can only encourage everybody to take this chance!!

Stephanie 53 and Karl 62 from Köln Germay Feb 2010

“Stephanie Krafft” Dear Trong and Tien We wish you all the best for the new Year!! We are back home now – its freezing cold in our country and all white from snow… So we just close eyes and think of the wonderful colourful days in your country. We want to thank you from heart for being with us these days.We enjoyed this trip very very much – it was so nice to be in your company and learn to know the real Vietnam – with its peopele ( and animals) how they live and work, the mountains and fields . We felt you know everything and can answer any question! Phantastic! We will recommend you wereever we can and hope many people from all the wourld will have this wonderful experience.

Yours Stephanie and Karl

Hallo liebe Reisefreunde

– wir sind letzte Woche von unserer Vietnam Reise zurück gekommen und ich wollte ein paar Tips und Anregungen geben Visum – wenn man über die internationalen Flughäfen einreist : Visum on Arrival. Wir haben es mit myvietnamvisa.com gemacht – 25US$ für die Organisation und 25 US$ bei Ankunft an dem Visa On Arrival Schalter. Nicht mehr!! Und dann noch: im Flieger vorne sitzen und schnell an den Schalter…wegen der Warteschlange Hanoi – ist im Januar wirklich was für Hartgesottene! 14-18 Grad und Regen. Haben uns natürlich nicht die Laune verderben lassen, sind mit ” Müllsäcken” und Fließpullis bekleidet unterwegs gewesen und haben uns einige interessante Museen zur Geschichte angeschaut und natürlich alles was sonst noch zu tun ist. Tip zum guten Essen und chillen: Koto Restaurant am Literaturtempel – ist ein Trainingsrestaurant für Straßenkinder- Spitze! und dann auf jeden Fall Quan An Ngon- im Tripadviser No 1 Restaurant und das hat es auch verdient. Easy Rider – auf dem Motorrad Beifahrersitz über Land. Wir haben zufällig einen der echten!! easy Rider getroffen, alle unsere Pläne umgeworfen und los. Vier Tage durchs zentrale Hochland. Das Beste was man machen kann um endlich!! ins Land zu kommen. Schaut euch mal die Seite von unserem Fahrer an: easyridersvietnam.wordpress.com – das ist Trong, handfone : 0903597971.den wir in Hoi An zufällig getroffen haben. Super Fahrer, super Reiseführer, alles perfekt, der reine Spaß – obwohl wir am Anfang natürlich auch unsere Zweifel hatten – unsere Körpergröße von 185 und die schon etwas älteren Rücken 50 und 60 Jahre – war kein Thema, die sind super ruhig und vernünftig gefahren max 70 km/std wir sind sehr oft angehalten und haben was besichtigt oder wir sind im Wasserfall geschwommen… Mui Ne – ist sehr schön. Wir haben in den Little Mui Ne Cottages Ocean View Bungalow gewohnt und das hat uns gut gefallen. Nicht am trubeligen Jugend Strand, sondern eher Richtung dem Dorf Mui Ne, wo das Leben der Fischer seinen Gang geht. Übrigens ist Mui Ne auch bei russischen Gästen sehr beliebt – man ist schon erstaunt, wenn alles zweisprachig ist… Und dann noch ein Tip: Man kann alles!! von heute auf morgen vor Ort organisieren( vielleicht nicht über Xmas…) Flug und die ersten drei Tage im Hotel – mehr braucht man nicht von zu Hause aus zu machen – da wird reisen zur Freiheit Viel Spaß beim Reisen!

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